Touching lives through the game of golf

I will be brushing up on my acting skills over the next few weeks so that I can continue bringing you some live videos about all things golf in the new year! I will keep this newsletter short, as I ... See more

Figuring out how to put the "smash" into smash factor

I hope many of you did get around to reading my inserts in previous newsletters between all the rugby, in which I started discussing certain correlations I see time and again on FlightScope ... See more

2019 Abacus Eikestad Classic

Our Abacus Eikestad Classic Champions played behind me and it was hard not to know that they were doing well with all the high fives and screams coming from the champion 4-Ball. Well played ... See more

Vlokkie se Bokkie was a good omen for us after all!

At this point I must humbly apologize for an (at least funny) error on my part in my last newsletter which was in the week leading up to the semi-final weekend, and which, in hindsight, was yet ... See more

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