Ed Dillon is enjoying golf more and playing better too

I would like to begin this newsletter with a quote from one of my valued clients who allowed me to use it and for which I am most grateful. Why I love it, is that it literally summarizes what my new ... See more

Let's improve your game where it matters most

My excitement levels have not lowered one bit since I embarked on my new coaching approach post-lockdown, which is aimed at increasing both the enjoyment of the coaching sessions as well as my ... See more

My pledge to you

Well I don't think we will experience any form of drought this year - we welcome the good rain! As promised, shorter newsletters with less of what I say and more of what my clients have to say about ... See more

My 100-Shot Challenge - Results, results, results!

Instead of receiving accreditation by just attending some classes here and there with this great programme, I am held accountable and actually have to show the results that will be proof that I am ... See more

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