The magic begins with an assessment

The magic of increasing your fun and enjoyment on the course begins with a purposeful assessment of your entire game on the golf course. The outcome of this assessment we then use to set time-based goals and design a highly effective improvement and purposeful practice programme, specifically aimed at reaching your goals. This is all done while you are having fun on the course with other golfers, as well as at the practice facility. This is a great method to achieve effective improvement, instead of blindly starting to change things randomly without the necessary background information, hereby causing more harm than good. 

Following is a brief synopsis of the various programmes we present:

Beginner Programmes

Anyone interested in starting golf should be advised not to try starting on their own, or even be coached by a friend/relative, or even worse via the internet, as it is extremely important to learn the basics/fundamentals correctly and orderly. These fundamentals are not as straight-forward as one may think, and they need to be understood together with the effect they have on a person’s technique.

If this is not the case and you carry on by yourself, you will develop further faults while subconsciously trying to fix the fundamental faults and so fall into a vicious cycle. By the time you do come for a lesson, it will often take longer and be more expensive to fix the faults than if you would have learnt correctly right from the start.

Our beginner programmes are therefore a thorough introduction into this great game, starting you out on this fun-filled journey. Included are the most important rules & etiquette elements, which are also best explained by a trained professional! Spending time on the golf course is always a priority.

Improvement Programmes

Nobody can tell me that anyone playing golf does not want to try and improve at it in order to make the game more enjoyable for themselves. Sadly, many golfers believe they cannot improve much, or think they are either too old, or have played too long to be able to improve further, so they settle for average.

Well I am here to remind you that improving at golf does not have to be nearly as difficult as it is made out to be, especially once you understand how to manage yourself and your game out on the golf course.  

So come and try it out for yourself, so that you can also experience how much fun it is to play better golf!

We are all different, so there are no fixed improvement programmes. Rather, I always begin with an assessment on the course as described above, after which we set time-based goals, and based on this we design a fun training programme specifically designed for you.

Junior Programmes

Our junior programmes follow a logical order – youngsters from as young as 5 years are drafted into age and ability relevant groups. Here the onus is on them having as much fun as possible, and to encourage them to reach realistic goals step by step as they learn the great game.

An innovative new programme called Target 36 helps us to help your junior achieve these goals in a structured way. Please click here to learn more about this.

As they get older, we adjust the programme content to meet their developing needs at every stage. An elite coaching programme including all aspects of high-performance golf can also be designed for the aspiring teenager.

In either case, there will be a solution for your junior, simply contact me so that I can assess where best to place him or her. 

Learning and fun is accelerated in a group format

Up until lately, when we hear the words group coaching, we picture a group of people standing on the range with the coach walking up and down the row handing out a tip here and there. 

Well as in all other industries, times have changed, and it has been proven that the proper way of presenting group coaching brings about much more improvement than one-on-one coaching can for various reasons.

So what is this real group coaching I refer to? Well since it has also been proven that the most effective learning takes place on the golf course itself, how is golf usually played? The answer is in fourballs. Since it also makes sense that the best way to practice is to practice actual playing situations, surely this means that we should also practice in a group and on the golf course as much as possible.

This creates the ideal learning environment, as each session feels like a fun event, hereby also removing boredom and counter-productivity.

What do the people say?

"Thanks for today Erich. Going to learn to launch it high!" - David Frost, SA Open winner 1999 at Stellenbosch Golf Club and multiple PGA Tour and Champions Tour winner. 

Guidelines about the rates

Since everyone is different and will have different needs, this means there are also no fixed price lists. As mentioned already, only after the initial assessment on the golf course has taken place and we have discussed your specific needs, can we work out the most suitable improvement programme for you. Please feel free to contact me so that we can start a conversation before we begin our journey. 

Are you ready to start your journey?